Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The World Can Stop for an Afternoon

Life is painted in squares of color, post-it notes cover my computer, the garage door, purse and grade book.  What was the world like before post-its?  This week is an over-sized to-do list with items checked off as they’re completed.  Here is my list for the first two days of the new semester:

Syllabus completed and distributed - check
Lesson plans for first lessons typed out and handed into principal - check
PowerPoint’s for class overviews completed and moved to zip drive – check
Grades in Edline for last semester by 8:00 a.m. today – check
Mural sign-up sheet and letter posted to Edline – check
Mini-term handouts and supply order sheet completed – check
School Christmas windows cleaned – (kid power rocks!) – check
Scholastic art show entries dropped off at local university – check

Despite all this post-it note productivity, my Christmas tree is still in the living room along with all our holiday decorations.  Yet, I’m not glancing at another sticky square of paper with demanding line item tasks today.    The world stops for me this afternoon so I can sit in my rocking chair with no other agenda than to feel a baby’s soft breath against my check as we rock back and forth.   There’s nothing like a grandchild to give one perspective on what really matters.

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