Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Gold Key is like playing in the Super Bowl

Orpheus by Alex11999

Judging twenty-eight hundred  entries from schools across Northeast Ohio in two days for the Scholastic Art show would exhaust the heartiest curator.  Three of the 2,800 belonged to my students.   I walked the tightrope between hoping for the best possible outcome, while still mentally preparing for my kids’ not making the cut.  Art teachers submitted photographs of student work on CD to the host school, Kent State Stark, on January 5.  I settled in for the long weekend to monitor email for notification of results.   Although a much tidier intake system than before, it meant courting carpel tunnel syndrome as I laid siege to my computer repeatedly.    In the high school realm, acceptance in the Scholastic show and earning a “Gold Key” is equivalent to making it to the Super Bowl.  When I spotted the long awaited email, I clicked and started scrolling down the screen looking for "Lake Center Christian School."   My eyes came to an abrupt halt at Alex’s name on the Gold Key list for his mask!  Thank you,  Jesus!  My two other students didn’t make it this time, but there’s always next year.

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  1. Congrats to Alex! You should take cookies in to his class to celebrate the occasion!

    "Courting carpel tunnel syndrome as [you lay] siege to [your] computer" -- now I know where my dramatic flair comes from! :)