Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Purple Dreams and Sumatra Coffee

Too much caffeine

If anyone says people don’t dream in color, I surmise that they don't drink coffee.  After a nice little cuppa the other night, I  dreamt that some well-meaning soul had given our art room a makeover in purple.    Even the ceiling tiles had been repainted a grayish -violet.  Our demonstration island as well as all desk and counter tops now glowed with  purple laminate.   I reached out to touch the  transformed  surface in disbelief and realized that our back counter and cabinetry had been entirely replaced with pale lavender  hallway  lockers.  Quickly checking my watch,   I calculated that I had exactly one minute to figure out where all my supplies had been  moved before students spilled through the doorway.  I could feel my heart pounding and a swell of panic rising as the hands on the clock approached 9:38.  I woke up with a start as the bell rung.  From here on out, I'll stick to decaf coffee after 7:00 p.m.


  1. The lavender paint was because you were meeting up with your Dobo friend in her study in Dream Time. That's what good coffee will do for you! Transport you into that zone...of journeying dreams and restless dozing.

  2. That's awesome - I forgot that you had lavender paint!

  3. Love this. I often look at my room as something that needs alteration or change. Something to motivate and appreciate...and then I realize it's an artroom...