Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You can never have too much Gesso

Students practice our mural on a mini canvas

I traced our mural onto the wall in preparation for our first painting session scheduled this week using a handy projector and transparency.  When I returned to the art room to put everything away, I glanced at our reproduction poster spread across my desk.  Something looked wrong.  With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I realized that I had just spent the last hour drawing our mural carefully and completely backwards.  I had been so caught up in positioning and size, that I lost sight of the forest for the trees.  Recalibrating my departure time, I implemented Plan B which involved the application of a liberal coat of gesso.  To my dismay, when the gesso dried, the permanent marker lines bled through to such an extent that I had no other choice but to resort to Plan C - yet another liberal application of gesso.  Finally dry with just a ghost of the incorrect lines coming through, I retraced the picture correctly.  My one hour job turned into three, but at least it’s up there ready for the seventeen pairs of hands  ready to bring the wall to life with an interpretation of Auguste Macke’s “Vegetable Fields.”

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