Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Art of the Cart and Kindergarten Parade

Yellow Day Parade with Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Amann

Big yellow buses cruising my neighborhood signal the change of seasons - and the beginning of another school year at LCCS.    My first two days zipped by in a blur of rules,  procedures, and PowerPoints.  Despite a schedule with shortened periods on Friday, I decided that Art 1 would dive into the first assignment. Strolling into what I thought would be an empty art room with 20 minutes to spare, I met an entire classroom of perky little first graders  raptly listening to our elementary art teacher, Miss R.  I subdued an unnecessary adrenaline rush with the mantra, "Don't panic."   When there are two principals integrating a complex matrix of elementary and secondary schedules for one art room and different  teachers, collisions occasionally happen.  We always work something out.

A quick check with the main office confirmed that we had a double-booking situation.  Since altering the space-time continuum isn't a viable option, I quickly loaded an art cart with supplies.  Proceeding to round up my kids, we made a cozy impromptu classroom flanking the main hallway.

With the added bonus of  new kindergartners parading through our ranks down the corridor, things were  moving forward surprisingly well until I realized that half of my brand new 2B pencils weren't sharpened.  Minor problem - nary a pencil sharpener on the cart, nor in sight.  As a former girl scout, I can assure you that the motto "Be prepared" didn't take into consideration this particular contingency.  Fortunately, I have adaptable kids and a sense of humor,  so we made it work.  Next week we'll be back in the art room, but I wouldn't be adverse to another kindergarten parade past our door.

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  1. This is an adorable picture. Just think in a few years the second love of your life will be in a line like that.