Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Vacation in a Word

Ready for our first hike!

Last Tuesday, to the backdrop of a summer storm slapping sheets of water against the windows in rhythmic gusts, the faculty and staff joined together one last time for a year-end breakfast meeting.   Being somewhat of a tornado survivor, I kept a watchful eye on the color of the sky.  If it turned green, I planned on literally chilling out with my colleagues in the kitchen's walk-in refrigerators. If it just stayed grey, I could sit and enjoy the surprising culinary talents of Mr. Beun who was busy serving up tender pancakes swimming in his homemade syrup.

Fortunately,  overcast grey remained the predominant color, so I stayed seated to learn about my colleagues' summers.  Mrs. Roberts challenged each of us to condense our vacation intentions into a single word to share with everyone.  Around the room I heard words like: "family," "relax," "read," "Europe," "Israel," "mission trip,"  "clean," "garden," and "wedding."  Mr. Rittenour's word, "chaos," made me laugh out loud.

 I have many summer plans;  however,  the one that tops everything was also voiced by numbers of other teachers: "Grandchildren."  Oh, the list of things I want to do like paint, garden, read, organize stuff and bake my brains out will fill my days.  But, the overarching joy of this vacation will be spending blue sky summertime with sweetness in a nappy named "Wesley."

Happy trails to you.  Signing off until summer's end.  Mrs. B.

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