Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mural Chapter 13 - Barefoot Endings

  The Closers and me
There are people who like to paint barefoot, and others who like to paint wearing shoes. I'm a fairweather barefoot painter, generally preferring to feel the floor beneath me provided it's not too cold.  It's comfortable working thus, and it's somehow more friendly and informal. So despite the cozy carpet, this afternoon feels bittersweet. I'll miss the camaraderie of working easily side by side sharing a common purpose. We've worked in everything from companionable silence to fits of giggles.  We've shared stories, jokes and dreams.   We've worked through artistic issues, deciphering Auguste Macke's loose brushwork and interpreting color passages to the best of our abilities.  With no apologies to Mr. Macke, we've worked to interpret the spirit of the painting rather than create a Xerox copy.   So even when it's too cold to work barefooted, I'll miss the kind of teaching that invites one to kick off one's shoes and smell the roses; or paint the vegetables in our case.

You're invited to attend our unveiling on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:00 pm in the central office hallway. After our ribbon cutting ceremony, we'll celebrate in the art room with punch and cake.  I'll wear my party shoes for the occasion.

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