Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miniterm 2011: Chihuly & The Case of the Clueless Art Teacher

Our Group with The Chihuly
 It took only 35 minutes of viewing a film featuring the inimitable glass artist, Dale Chihuly, to make a lasting impression on my students.  At the film's conclusion, I challenged my students to see if they could spot a Chihuly at the Corning Glass Museum on our visit the next day.

Fast forward through a comfy charter bus trip to Corning, and a blessedly uneventful night's sojourn at the Holiday Inn Express.  Now, picture my supposedly well-rested group sailing through the front door of The Corning Glass Museum.  I quickly spot the official looking lady behind the ticket desk and forge a path through the meager crowd to dispense with our registration.  With a sense of gratification, I hear the steady hum of excited student voices behind me anticipating their adventure of workshops and tour.  Then I hear one voice above the others emphatically repeating my name: "Mrs. Brott, Mrs. Brott," she exclaims, "did you see the Chihuly?"  Turning around to find the source, I'm thinking that these kids are really on their toes.  "Where is it?" I add, looking right and left trying to locate the corner out of which they had discovered the prize find of the trip.  "Right there," she points with a wide smile.  And there it was, as big as the Christmas tree in Whoville - smack in the middle of the lobby, neon green and soaring at least 14 feet into the air.

Talk about an epic fail for the law of glass, "Be aware of everything around you."  So, while I started off seeing the forest, my kids at least had the presence of mind to see the trees.  It's either that, or they all operate better on less sleep than I.

Some of my girls designing their  fused pieces

My student preparing glass for sandblasting

One of my students blowing glass

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