Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uber and the art of a monoprint

Student using our new little Uber Mobile

Student beginning a monoprint

At the risk of sounding like one of those really bad infomercials - we just added a real printing press to our art room's repetoire called the "Uber Mobile" by Whelan.   I  liked using a full- sized Whelan press last spring during a workshop; however, it's drive wheel alone looked like it could've steered the Titanic.  Our new press easily moves from  storage closet to classroom and weighs just 50 pounds. I  don’t get sentimental about art equipment.  Well,... ok,  maybe some of our snappy little water color brushes make me happy; but this is my new favorite art room toy.   Advanced art students just finished putting it through its paces exploring monoprints.   

Here are samples of my students' work hot of the press, so to speak.

(by Artsonia Alex11999)

(by Artsonia Austin9517)

(by Artsonia Audrey1446)


  1. Hello,

    I am looking into purchasing the Uber Press for making monoprints in my very small studio at home. Can you compare this small press to a "real" gear press. Do you have to make more then one pass with the roller? Does it give the same type of embossing effect on a monoprint as a big press with a big roller?

    Thank you,

  2. I've only used a "real" gear press once, and it was quite a large one making it impractical for us in terms of cost and size. When using the Uber Mobile, one does make a number of passes to print; adjusting pressure is just a matter of exerting more force against the roller which is very easy to do because of the way it's designed. My students used it easily, although I don't remember an embossing effect from either presses. The size and portability are fantastic, it's solid as a rock, yet I can move it about easily. I'd recommend you contact Mel Whelan at Uber Press for that question, he was very helpful. All my best

  3. Thank you for the kind reply. I shall do that.