Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miniterm 2011 & the Art of the Question

By Tess

Artsonia Justin8273

Since education involves the art of the question, I thought I would distill miniterm  down to a list of actual queries posed throughout the week.

1.        Most frequent question:
When do we eat?

2.        Most gratifying question: 
        Can I take my project home today?

3.        Most annoying question:
         Is this good enough?

4.        Most heartwarming question:
         I don’t want to go home yet; can I work after school till you have to leave?

5.        Most sad question:
                Where are the Band-Aids?

6.        Most random question:
          Is it easier to break your neck if you don’t have tonsils?

7.        And, just so you know that we really did visit the realm of critical thinking, we entertained the   “EQ”, or essential question:

How is a stained glass panel a metaphor for one’s spiritual life? 

(I'll post more pictures throughout the next week).

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