Monday, December 5, 2011

'Tis the Season - The Art of Painting on Windows

                     Recipe for Christmas Windows 101

                          1. Fill egg cartons with tempera paint and distribute to students.
                          2. Add transparent canvas in the form of school windows.
                          3. Queue the  Christmas music starting with  "Straight No Chaser"
                                    (Note to self - delete the "Eggnog" song asap); and
                          4. Let painting the windows for Christmas begin.

                          Here's a sampling of what the kids served up this year:




Brigit17 and Karen1032

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It takes a village...

Who says we don't have drama in art class?

The Scene:  Last five minutes of printmaking class, clean-up in full swing
Incident report:  Boy runs into girl with ink palette
Result:  Wardrobe crisis
                   One teacher to retrieve handy stain stick
                   One friend of student to help vigorously rub wet cloth to treated stain
                   One apologetic student to watch stain removal process
                   One friend of apologetic student for moral support
                      ...and a cast of extras (the rest of class) to cheer on efforts

 It takes a village.