Sunday, April 27, 2014

Artsense Mini-term Toronto 2014

Latte Art by Alex

The art of the pour

AGO workshop - Pen and Ink
Sketching at the AGO

So, here’s the wrap-up:

Toronto. Two mini-term groups in one tour bus. Four DVD’s of animated films.  Twelve Lake Center’s Artsense Mini-term students poised to take Canada’s largest city by storm experiencing barista training, art workshops, museum tours, beautiful vistas of Toronto, theater, Medieval Times and Niagara Falls. 

Incidental things we learned along the way:

 From the Canadian Barista Academy:  Espresso has the potential to smell like anything from gym socks to oatmeal cookies depending on one’s skill level in pulling a shot of quality coffee beans. It’s all a matter of training the nose.

 From the AGO: If your group gets separated in an art museum, and you find yourself in a closed section, do follow Mrs Brott and EXIT the door despite confusing directions and cacophonous alarms. The cost of reuniting with your group?  Priceless.

 From U.S. Customs: How do you know you’re a U.S. Citizen?  That’s a trick question pulled out by border guards.  Feel free to ask one of the students - they certainly know the answer now.

Some of the real things we learned along the way:

We got to talk about God, and how he can meet and exceed our expectations if we only fill our cups to the brim with Him.  At Famous People Players Dinner Theater, we saw that people with special needs could live independent lives through the avenue of theatre and culinary art.  We learned about currency exchange rates, loonies, toonies, the history of coffee, and Canadian artists. Last but not least, we experienced growing new friendships as well as deepening  established connections. 

It was worth every minute.

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