Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tile Wall Mural: A Glimpse

"Lake Center Christian School assists Christian families and their churches in equipping students for lifelong learning and service to Christ.  Lake Center Christian School offers an accredited Preschool - 12 education, which is centered in Christ."

An advance peek at one of the tiles

Our mission statement pops up on all sorts of official correspondence, advertising and even our web page.  I should know it by heart, having taught here for 16 years, but sadly I don't.  Never having been all that great at memorization, I'm much more likely to remember something if I can actually see it.  When the chance came to pitch an idea for an installation art work on the foyer wall, it seemed like a great opportunity to interpret our mission statement using the language of visual art.

The big ideas upon which the composition rests, "lifelong learning", and  "service to Christ", drive the mural's design.  After discussion with a number of  people, visiting ceramic artist, Bob Yost, drafted an initial concept for a finished work centered around an empty space shaped in the form of a cross.  All 23 tile panels work together to describe our school community, faith, and what lifelong learning and servanthood look like.

I love the fact that the mural's visual impact engages the viewer in new things to see over a period of time due to the rich layering of meaning and design.  Since I don't want to deny you the joy of your own discoveries, my explanations will stay in draft form on my drawing table.  In any event, even if I don't know the mission statement verbatim, the meat of it is in my head because I can now see it on the wall.

Come to the mural dedication on Saturday, August 17th at 12:15 in the main school foyer during our "Family Fun Day" celebration to see it for yourself!

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