Sunday, March 25, 2012

Artsense Miniterm: And the Winner is....

The overarching  summary of Artsense Miniterm in D.C.boils down to this:  We came, we saw, we photographed.  "Arigato," (thank you), Japan, for the gift of seedlings that grew into a visual haiku of stunning proportions.   Not only does one drink in exploding tress mantled in delicate shades of pink and white, but one inhales cherry blossoms and exhales spring.  I would have been content to just photograph trees. 

Cherry Trees Everywhere by W.Brott
Culminating in a photo contest, Artsense students submitted their best photo of D.C.  The award winning photograph goes to C.J. for her evocative photo of the Washington Monument at sunset.  Honorable Mention goes to Josh for his Cherry Blossom portrait.  Thanks for all your photos!

By CJ872 - First Place Winner

Josh4996 - Honorable Mention

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