Monday, May 16, 2011

Tape Casting and "Ghost Senior"

"Ghost Senior"



The school days remaining to our seniors can be counted on one hand.  So, last Tuesday I set before my senior advanced art students their final high school problem: As a team, tape casting a human figure and installing him on school grounds in such a way as to reinforce context and meaning.  The project, inspired by modern  installation artist, Mark Jenkins, involved:
  1. Deciding the pose and installation location best suited for a sculpture that would elicit a response from the school community
  2. Wrapping a willing student in packing tape over the course of a couple of class periods.  
  4. Reassembling the pieces/parts so that the figure had structural integrity.
  5. All wrapped up
  6. Securely installing the finished work in the desired location.
With one figure down, and one and a half to go, the pressure remains to finish the other sculptures over the next few days.   We installed the first completed figure Ghost Senior last Thursday using a very tall ladder.    Unfortunately, I couldn’t maintain my balance and exert the force necessary to jam the torso into the duct.  I think the air was a bit thin up there.  At any rate, one of my students took over after I extracted his promise that he wouldn’t fall; and if he did, his parents wouldn’t sue me.  Gravity kept defying us until one of the kids had the brilliant idea of skewering him through the torso with a pole for support.  Poor Ghost Senior, he now looks like he’s not only haunting the hallways, but getting ready for a barbecue.  But for now he’s secure and won’t be going anywhere, let alone a barbecue, until someone else kindly retrieves him at the end of the school year.  

Installation Crew for "Ghost Senior

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