Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The IPDP - A White Canvas

The deadline looms for my IPDP.  The daunting task of completing a five year professional development plan reminds me of staring at a blank canvas.  The surface is ready  to support either a brilliant idea, ...or not.  One college professor of mine encouraged us to "mark" our canvas with a swipe of paint to get past  the paralysis of actually starting the journey.  How do I mark this form with goals that are broad enough to cover unknown opportunities as they present themselves over the next five years?  I'll take a figurative swipe inspired by the clutter in my studio.

Goal one:  I'm probably not the only  art teacher with dozens of half finished works used as samples for techniques and demonstrations.  So, first on my list is to drink deeper of just a few areas of interest and take my refreshed results back to class.

 Goal two should probably focus on me figuring out how to use technology in the enchance learning.   I already know how to use our fancy projector, cool document camera, and upload  students' work to a web museum.  As a presenter at a recent convention advocated, maybe I can figure out how to use this blog, and twitter to enhance student learning.

I feel like I'm on a roll inspired by a little internet research...

I dedicate goal three to more purposefully incorporating other disciplines as well as art history into my lessons.   I borrowed this idea from a college website describing one of their goals for their Masters program in art education. 

Goal four focuses on me reading more professional art education journals and reflecting on what others in the field are thinking - trends, assessments, etc. 

Goal five involves my school's requirement involving a plan for spiritual growth.  Even if I weren't a part of a Christian school community I'd want this anyway.

Ok, that's five goals, in five years.  I now sit back and wait for my LPDC to approve or request revisions.    

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